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Marriage and Family Therapy                           
 Individual Counseling For Adults, Children and Adolescents  
Mitra Taheri, Educational specialist in Marriage and Family Therapy (408 )202-1309                   

  Are you suffering from depression, anxiety or fear?

                  Do you feel your anger is out of control recently?        

Do you wish your relationship to be the way it was in the beginning?

    Do you feel that  you have tried everything to communicate with your partner and nothing  has worked?
               Do you wonder why your family is falling apart?        
      Does your child behave in such challenging ways?          

       Do you and your teenager repeat the same argument over and over?

     Do you feel alone inside when your teenager says you did not grow up in this country you do not understand?

        Do you wonder even though you are good parents to your adopted child you still could not overcome communication difficulties?

                If you answered yes to one of these questions then you may benefit from therapy.

Whether you struggle with



Depression                              Anger Management                                Family Conflicts

          Anxiety                                    Low Self-Esteem                                     •Relational Problems

          •Stress                                      •Issues of Abuse                                      •Divorce              

          •Trauma                                    •Adolescent Issues                                  •Blended family Issues

          •ADHD                                       •Multi-Cultural Issues                              •Parenting Problems   



               It is time to live your life with fullness and happiness  




               My goal as an Educational Specialist in Marriage and Family therapy is to create

a supportive environment in which my clients can explore their emotional needs and

overcome barriers that limit their full potential. I provide counseling to children, youth,

individuals, couples and families


                                                                            Call (408) 202-1309 










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